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Every FRIDAY 6-9 pm at Four Brothers Bar and Grill,
Singing Hills, June 7 through August

Minerva’s in Marketplace Hamilton Blvd Thursdays 6-8pm
June 20th, July 18th, Aug. 22nd

Mikey was inducted into
the Iowa Rock and Roll Music Association's
Hall of Fame
in September 2012!


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See you 4/29, 5/6, 5/27, 6/24, 7/8 & 7/22.
See you 4/29, 5/6, 5/27, 6/24, 7/8 & 7/22.
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remembering Jon Langley

4th Annual Jon Langley Memorial Jam
Saturday June 27th
5 pm till close
Vangarde Arts
420 Jackson
downtown Sioux City

3rd Annual Jon Langley Memorial Jam
Saturday June 28th
at The Chesterfield
Historic 4th
downtown Sioux City

Another HUGE success,
The Second Annual Jon Langley Memorial Jam
was held Saturday evening June 22nd, 2013
at The Chesterfield in Sioux City.
Please check out our facebook page 
"Jon Langley Memorial Jam"
and a new website in the works:

as well as videos from that night:


A Huge success,the
First Annual Jon Langley Memorial Jam 
Sat. June 23rd, 2012

celebrating Jon's life, on his birthday,
at The Chesterfield,
with family and friends.
Jammers included
Jack Langley, Ghostship,
Garie Lewis, Rick Stewart, 
John White of Stone Red,
Johnnie Bolin, The Groovediggers
(Bob Larson, Walt Peterson,
Jamie Bowers, Chad Stewart)
Craig Adams, Mike Hansen, Glenn
Albertson, Matt Ferry, Eric Blumberg, Cowboy Bob Nairn, John Bartle.... 
A day full of music, memories and neverending Love!
Commemorative T Shirts
and CDs are available.

" more '67 quarter
to add to my shrine
a faded silver soldier
in the candleshine

from another planet
from another plane
comes a high plains drifter
driftin' into my brain

it's a '67 quarter
eagle in the sky
'67 quarter
come to say goodbye..."

(excerpt from '67 Quarter

© Michael Scott Langley)

thanks to Bob Larson for the photo

Mike Langley

(photo credits: Mary Kay Weir, Mike McCormick)

MIKE LANGLEY—outline of a life in music 

--Mike started playing guitar at the age of 9, taught by his dad, Jack Langley (2005 recipient of the Danny Matousek Lifetime Achievement Award and Inductee into The Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). 
Mom Sheila played piano and sang harmony with the family at home;
Mike's younger brother Jon followed the calling too, and became a singer, guitarist, bassist, songwriter, painter, photographer, graphic artist—a quintessential artist of rare mastery and beauty. 
--Mike played his first gig at the age of 10 in a dirt-floor, 
hole-in-the-wall joint in the Sioux City Stockyards. 
--Through junior high and high school Mike played guitar and sang with Jack at a multitude of clubs from Sioux City to Nashville and back. 
--Mike studied Linguistics, French and German at Morningside College from 1981-85, making friends with Austrian musicians; he made several trips across the pond before graduating Summa Cum Laude and making the move to Europe in '85. 

--Mike lived and toured in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Germany, 
France and the UK from '85-'97, developing a free-lance career 
that ranged from performing on cobblestone streets to playing at international jazz and folk festivals; appearing in nightclubs to writing and recording movie soundtracks; working as a singer, instrumentalist and arranger in studios 
to touring solo and with rock, folk and avant-garde groups. 
--Toured in Austria, Germany and Czechoslovakia and recorded 
European Reunion Tour with Jack in 1990. 
--Toured the US solo from New York City to San Francisco  in '93. 
--Mike hooked up with brother Jon in Europe in early 90's to form The Langley Brothers Band, recording Upstairs In The Basement in Vienna, Austria and touring Normandy, Brittany and the UK (including a lengthy stint as House Band with Rudi Strauss at the legendary Rock Garden club in London) 
before returning to the US in '97.

--Mike formed independent record label, Orange Carpet Music in ’97, and played with Jon in The Langley Brothers Band, and with Jack and Jon as The Langleys. 

-- Jon Langley passed away December 30, 1999;  Mike has released Langley Brothers Archives records every Christmas  in Jon's memory. 
--Mike has produced 13 of his own records since returning to the US: 
Prehumous, Langley Brothers Band, Gnu Ewe, Faves, Know What? Chicken Butt, 
Westside Mikey & Westside Bobo:  N. A. Blur, the Dark Ones series, '67 Quarter, Cheers LoveSongs From The Future,  
Sundry Plunder From The Wreck Of The Emdee VIII,  History: A Thing Of The Past?, and For Real;
as well as 5 records with Jack: Portraits, Looking Back, Harleys In Heaven, Guitar Man--which won the 2010 National Traditional Music Association's Songwriter Album of the Year award-- and Reflections, winner of the same award in 2014.

--Mike and Jack were featured performing live on South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s television music showcase No Cover No Minimum in 2008, and in a video by Melissa Lanzourakis featuring Jack’s song The Mighty Muddy Mo in 2011.

--Mike played bass guitar on occasion with longtime friends Jain Jeffer (Mindy Winchester, Ray McAvoy, Buckley Mills and the late Jerry Kessler, who passed away in June of 2011) and Wavelength (Jerry Kessler, Charlie Hoberg and Pat Miller).

 --Mike continues to run Orange Carpet Music's independent record label R & G Records and recording studio The Guitarsenal, teaches guitar at Morningside College, and performs live either solo or with fellow music veterans Bob Larson, Jamie Bowers, Walt Peterson and Chad Stewart (Mike Langley Band/The Groovediggers) and with Jack Langley and Jamie Bowers (The Langleys Trio).

Mike was inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Music Association's Hall of Fame in September 2012.

--In recent years Mike has performed on tour in Ireland with life partner Mary Kay Weir, and in 2014 played live for David Dee Moore's songwriter showcase The Acoustic Yard (in Matt Molloy's pub in Westport), which was televised by Irish TV.

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