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Recorded and
Released: 2001



Song List

1. Up Again (February 3, 2001) 3:17


2. Soul Hotel  3:48 (November 22, 2000) 3:48


3. Just Ask Jon  4:07 (November 10,2000) 4:07


4. I Wanna Come (November 7,2000) 3:11                            


5. Dreambike (August 28, 2000) 5:41


6. Hollywood Needs Penguins* (April 2000) 3:14


7. Pines And Noodles (April 2000-January 2001) 4:45






 Total Time 32:06



This collection comprises the final recordings from Orange Carpet Studio's original location as well as two "overseas" mixes made on a tape sent back and forth across the Atlantic between my old friend Azi Finder and me.

Happy Anniversary to Garth and Enean---have a "wonderful tonight"!






All songs--words and music--by Mike Langley
except track 6* words by Mike Langley, music by Finder & Co./Mike Langley

copyright 2001 by Orange Carpet Music



Recorded at Orange Carpet Studio, Sioux City, Iowa USA
and at Musicbitch Barn, Nodendorf, Austria.
Produced by Orange Carpet, Musicbitch Barn, LOFI and Ringle Boon
at Shameless Self Promotions Ges.m.b.H