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Langley Brothers Band


Recorded and
Released: 2000


 Song List

1. Doog's First Pee (Sober Dreams)  4:26


2. Pal Of Mine  4:32


3. I'll Miss You  3:43


4. Vienna Summer                                     
Plant A Little Time For Diddo  3:50 


5.Cousin Cain And Little Moll  3:54


6. Blow My Ghost  4:22


7. Earworm The Dark One  4:40 


8. Commercial As Shit  3:56


9. How Long's The Trail  3:24


10. Langley Brothers Band  1:01


11. By The Skin Of My T-Shirt  4:41


12. I'll Piss On Your Grave  4:41


13. A Moment of Silence  1:00


 Total Time 48:10


















My darling beloved brother and best friend Jon Matthew Langley shot himself on December 30th, 1999, ending his life and forever changing the lives of his family and friends. Jonjie and I were partners in art and music from our earliest childhood together on up till the end, following in our Daddy's footsteps as singers, guitar players and poets; it was the only way we knew how to be.  From Nashville, Tennessee to Sioux City, Iowa, from Normandy and Brittany in France to Vienna, Austria and back across the Channel to London, England, the Langley Brothers sang and played countless songs and gigs and made countless friends and memories. My pal Diddo had the brightest light, the tenderest heart, the biggest grin, the funniest wit, the richest voice, the craftiest lyrics, the coolest chord changes and the funkiest-ass way of playing bass I've ever had the honor and privilege of experiencing. All his life I loved and treasured him as my beautiful best friend, and as a master of his artistry, as I will for the rest of my life.

I dedicate this album not only to the memory of Jon Matthew Langley, Jonjie, Diddo, my brother in blood and soul, but also to the spirit of love and beauty he once embodied, where he now, most assuredly, fully and rightfully dwells.

Mike Langley-June 2000


all guitars, basses, piano, percussion and vocals by Mike Langley,
except guest harmony vocal  by Paul Bilsten on "I'll Piss On Your Grave"

all songs copyright 2000 by Mike Langley
except "Doog's First Pee (Sober Dreams)" by Jon Langley and Mike Langley
copyright 2000 by Jon Langley and Mike Langley

engineered and mastered by Mike "Ringle Boon" Langley
at Orange Carpet, Sioux City Iowa USA
With thanks to Paul Bilsten for co-mixing
"Cousin Cain and Little Moll" and "I'll Piss On Your Grave"

co-produced 2000 by Orange Carpet, Get Bent Records,
LOFI and Shameless Self Promotions.

photographs by Jack Langley except where otherwise noted
liner notes by Mike Langley

Thanks to Jim Madsen for all around support

dedicated to Jon Matthew Langley
June 23 1967-December 30, 1999

With thanks to some of the members of the Langley Brothers Band over the years:


Paul Bilsten   Black Dave from New York    Jim Bybee   Mike Daniels
Jeff Deignan   Dave Denham   Francky Dragonfly   Dan Eike   Azi Finder
Yannick Floride  Bryan Goodman  Mike Hathaway   Dave Hill   Lee Hix
Guillaume Hugot   Farid Laakel   Fabrice  "Fabuleux" LaFontaine
Jack Langley   Fredo Mahe   Rick Moore   Kurt Mullins   Todd Murphy 
Jay Nelson  Joe Pieper  Garth Servis  Rudy Strauss  Dan Truckey
Ronnie Urini   Gerhard Wessely